You may have told yourself that a cover letter for your resume is really not that important. However, you want to think of a good letter and a strong representative working for you. A strong cover letter does the job of selling you to the prospective employer. It may be that your resume may not be even considered unless it has a letter. So if you want to be seriously considered, have a strong letter with your resume.

Aren’t All Cover Letters The Same?

You should never just copy another cover letter and make it your own. HR departments are smart and it won’t be the first time they have seen the same letter, word for word, just copied out of a book.

You’ll want to make your letter specific to the job you are applying for and highlight your skills.

There are a couple things you must get right:

You should have a person’s name to whom you are sending the letter and resume  You should always call the company if you have to and ask for a managers name and correct spelling of their name, and the department you are applying for  Use professional-looking formatting

If you’ve been recommended by someone, specify their name in your letter. Something along the lines of, “Joan Smith from your sales team stated to me that you will be hiring another customer service representative soon.” That way they know that someone from within the company thought you would be a good fit for them.

Resume cover letters should spell out to the employer how you can help them. Remember, the letter is about you being able to help them meet some goals. Sell the idea that you will be an asset to help them achieve a higher level of success.

Standing Out from the Crowd

You should have done some research on the company. So if they are in sales, you could mention that you are aware that they have been the top company selling company in the XYZ category of products in your region for the last three years.

Companies are generally impressed when prospects know about the company specifics. Other less qualified prospects won’t take the time and just send a generic cover letter.

Provide a date when you will follow up with them to discuss an interview. You don’t want to just wait for them to contact you.

Be Brief and to the Point

Keep resume cover letters to one-page Aim for three to five short paragraphs they are aware you included a resume, it’s in their hands, no need to state the obvious  Check Your Letter

Re-read your letter and ask at least two different people to look it over. Look for typos and proper use of grammar. Don’t be sloppy and lazy because that can cost you the interview.

Print your resume and letter on quality paper and use laser jet ink. Don’t use generic paper. Using white paper says you didn’t care enough to make it look professional.

These simple tips will help your resume and cover letter stand out 80-97% anyone else applying for the position.

If you want to double and triple your chances of getting that job interview, you will need some cover letter help. It’s not enough to know how to write a simple letter, you also want to know how to write a letter the right way. It’s subtle but important.

Professional cover letter templates will make doing all the above-listed steps paint by the numbers easy. In as little as 5 – 10 minutes, you can have a professional-looking, properly formatted resume cover letter ready to send out.